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Landin Burke

The runnin’, gunnin’, do all quiver killer. The park minded ski set to win the west all over again. From morning groomers, icy jumps, hiking rails, or surfing the trees. I really couldn’t be happier on these. A beautiful combination of playful yet aggressive. Can butter & play on anything to your hearts content but also turn & burn carves on a dime. Happy to call them my daily drivers and the most fun I’ve ever had on the mountain. 


Dustin Paschke

I don’t think I will ever buy another pair of skis that aren’t Fullsends. They are the best all mountain skis I’ve owned. I have three pairs now and hopefully I’ll have it up to four in the near future.



My wife and I met at Great Bear ski area in Sioux Falls, SD in 2008. I proposed to her at the top of Copper Mountain. I wanted to build her a cool ski as a tribute to our relationship. She says "they are super playful, poppy in powder, yet still charge hard!

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