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I’m an Industrial Engineer and started building skis with my dad in the fall of 2016.  We built our first skis by hand with a jig saw, a benchtop planer and a ski press.  And they skied!  We now have a CNC machine, a heated ski press and commercial equipment.  I drew my first ski design on engineering paper and napkins.  Thirty pairs later, with a couple pairs best used for shot skis, we have designed four different widths – 94 mm, 97 mm, 107 mm, and 113 mm.  Our bright pink base sheets stand out on the mountain.

We live, breath, and eat skiing.  You can find us hard at work in the shop rocking out to the greatest hits of the ‘80s, perfecting our next ski design, when we aren’t out on the slopes testing our latest designs.  You can find skiers on FullSend skis on the slopes in Colorado and the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We are honest, hardworking, and more passionate about skiing than anyone else.

Come join us on our adventure.  Proudly designed, built and tested in the best Dakota.  FullSend Ski Company!