Founded in 2016 because we had this hair brained scheme that we could produce better skis for ourselves then the ones we could buy. Turns out ski building is quite a bit more complicated than simply following along with a few YouTube videos, reading and buying a ski press. The first year of building was a learning experience to say the least. 

Enter year 2. Buying a CNC router was probably the smartest equipment decision we made so far despite no knowledge of how to run it. With the ability to replicate every ski core and basesheet with a high degree of accuracy, our skis began to resemble something you would buy at a ski shop. Plus they were finally fun to ski so that was a bonus. 

Year 3. With enough failed prototypes and a decent amount of manufacturing experience we  took the plunge and started selling to family and friends. Getting great feedback and an increasing number of models offered we decided to go full bore into next year. 

Year4. Production was in full swing with what we thought were the greatest skis yet. Well, we managed to change up a few design characteristics and realized that we could build even better skis, which then resulted in downsizing and rebuilding the demo fleet and adding in more flex and topsheet options. With some great skis on our feet we are ready to go FullSend into the future.