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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy FullSend Skis?

Honestly these skis aren't for everyone. We aren't trying to build the best ski for everyone else but instead we are trying to build the best ski for ourselves. We wanted to be able to sell a customizable ski for an affordable price point. 

What's with the wood?

We have wood veneer as the standard base option for our skis for three reasons. One is that we can source it locally and not have to order it in, two is that looks very unique and makes the skis stand out and three is that it wears better then plastic over time, allowing the the customer to send the skis back to us for refinishing or they can refinish the skis themselves with a little sanding and linseed oil. Something that you can't do to plastic skis. 

What flex should I go with?

Generally if you are unsure of what flex to choose, we recommend staying with the standard medium flex. This flex covers a broad range of skier abilities and styles of riding. If you want to do micro adjustments to the flex via carbon fiber and Kevlar we can tailor the flex profile to your specifications. 

What length should I choose?

Our skis effective edge doesn't exceed 152cm, so don't be afraid to size up to the 185cm skis or the 172cm. Generally sizing up 10cm from a traditionally cambered ski to a ski with either a rocker camber rocker profile or a rocker flat rocker profile is a safe bet. If you have any questions feel free to shoot us a email!

What rocker camber profile should I choose?

We recommend choosing our rocker camber rocker profile for a more traditionally skiing style were the more the rider pushes the ski into a turn the more the ski will respond energetically to propel the rider into the next turn. 

We recommend choosing our rocker flat rocker profile for riders that like a more newschool/swerve approach to skiing, where they dictate the turn shape and style and tend to ride the side cut between turns. 

Generally speaking adding camber typically helps with groomer and hard snow performance while a flat rocker ski helps with powder skiing. 

Why is the wait time so long?

Each pair of skis and snowlerblades are made to order by hand in our workshop. We are focused on producing quality not quantity. We believe it will be worth the wait to receive your custom skis or snowlerblades. 

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