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We aren't gonna lie, we weren't ever planning on making a ski smaller than 185cm, apparently there are people out there in the world that think a 185cm ski is a bit too long for them. Well, enter in the Wunderwaffes little brother, the waffle. We took the Wunderwaffe and scaled it down for folks wanting less length to deal with. Like we literally scaled it down. Its 93% of a Wunderwaffe.


Which means this thing rips. 


It's quick and nimber side to side, railing down hardpack, busting through chop and floating through chop with ease. Enough camber underfoot to ensure ripping turns on the hardpack but with plenty of rocker to let you float when you need to. Whether you want the more hardpack oriented 98mm Waffle or want the soft snow oriented 106, the waffle provides the ride you need to make the mountain your playground. 



Adjust and tune the flex to your liking by choosing our softer flex which is more forgiving, our standard flex which is good for most riding styles and our stiff flex which is great for hard chargers and fullsenders. 


Top Sheet

Choose from a wide variety of different wood veneers, from bamboo to dark walnut, purple heart to mahoghany. Add in a variety of different inlay combinations for a fun color palate.


Additionally we now have the option of printed graphics directly on the wood veneer of your choice. Let us help your custom top sheet design come to life!


Lastly if you are looking for a truly one of a kind ski we can have our in house artist hand draw a custom piece of art directly on the wood veener of your choice for a truly one of kind ski that won't exist anywhere else. 



Camber helps add pop to your turns and adds a more traditional feel for excellent groomer performance.


Flat Rocker

Rocker helps your ski surf and smear and adds excellent powder and mixed snow performance.


Swallow Tail

A swallow tail adds improved powder performance by helping the tail sink into the snow earlier and helps the tip rise up quicker while also not losing effective edge. 



Choose between a damper ABS sidewall or a more lively Bamboo sidewall. The ABS sidewall is slightly heavier but dampens out the ride of the ski and requires no maintenance compared to the Bamboo sidewall which requires some lineseed oil once or twice a season but it offers a lighter more lively ride. 


Waffle 98 Specifications

  • Tip Width:     126 mm
  • Waist Width:  98 mm
  • Tail Width:      117 mm 


  • Turning Radius: 21m


  • Tip Rocker:    40cm
  • Camber:         1mm
  • Tail Rocker:    33cm 


Waffle 106 Specifications

  • Tip Width:     134 mm
  • Waist Width:  106 mm
  • Tail Width:      125 mm 


  • Turning Radius: 21m


  • Tip Rocker:    40cm
  • Camber:         1mm
  • Tail Rocker:    33cm 



This ski is built with a laminated bamboo core as its backbone due to bamboos lively yet damp nature. The core is then wrapped in 22oz fiberglass with a 2in wide carbon fiber stringer running the length of the ski. The base is a 1.4mm thick with your choice of neon green, yellow, red, blue, purple, or orange. The base is give a ¾ edge wrap with 2.4mm X 2.0mm edges. The topsheet is your choice of either Oak, Hickory Pecan, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Knotty Pine or Bamboo wood veneer with or without custom hand drawn graphics. Feel free to message us if you have another idea for a wood veneer.  

Desperado Custom 178cm

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