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Top Sheets

We offer any sort of wood veneer top sheet we can get our hands on. So far we have built skis with (from left to right) cross cut red oak with heavy flaking, cherry, walnut, mahogany, purple heart, red oak, and bamboo. All included in the base price. 


2.0mm height x 2.2mm width. Rockwell 48 hardness standard metal edge. Bent to shape and rocker profile. 


Unidirectional carbon fiber. Choose your width from 1in, 2in and 3in. Custom widths and placements are available.


Triaxial 22oz fiberglass run full length and wrapped around the core for optimal strength and rigidity. 


All our skis are made with vertically laminated bamboo cores with a multiple flex patterns offered for our starting price. 

Base sheet

Your pick of base sheet colors, included at the base price. Green, red, yellow, orange, purple and red orange swirl

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