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We'll be honest. We never wanted to make a park ski. We told ourselves it wouldn't be versitile enough, that the market would be too small, heck we didn't even want one. We were happy with using a Wunderwaffe for our occasional adventures through the park. Unfortunatly our photographer/park rat extrodinare Landin kept bugging us for over a year about building a park ski for Terry Peak, SD. And we did. 


Frankly this ski is straight bussin, no cap.


You want it to butter, press, ollie your way around the park and the rest of the mountain it'll do it. More playful then a bucket of puppies but a strong backbone to absolutly rip GS turns at speeds that should be left up to aircraft. We were honestly surprised about this ski. Frankly it's our new daily driver unless we are hunting for powder. Balanced and light in the air with the distictantive bamboo pop and ride quality.


Don't get us wrong, this isn't a new all mountain ski. This is still a full twin tip park ski with some hefty tip and tail taper and rocker with camber underfoot. It'll go just about everywhere with confidenc