The miracle ski. A daily driver for the playful skier. Floats and carves. At home railing turns and slaying some pow. Excellent for making the mountain your terrian park. Choose your flex from absolute noodle to stiff charger. Add full rocker at your own discretion. 


Adjust the overall flex by choosing how stiff you want your wood core, from soft to stiff then fine tune it with the your choice of carbon fiber stringer widths. Additionally if you enjoy surfy stiff skis add an extra layer of carbon on the botton of the core for a full rocker experiance. 



  • Tip Width:     135 mm
  • Waist Width:  104 mm
  • Tail Width:      126 mm 


  • Turning Radius: 21m


  • Tip Rocker:    40cm
  • Camber:         1mm
  • Tail Rocker:    33cm 



This ski is built with a laminated bamboo core as its backbone due to bamboos lively yet damp nature. The core is then wrapped in 22oz fiberglass with a 2in wide carbon fiber stringer running the length of the ski. The base is a 1.4mm thick with your choice of neon green, yellow, red, blue, purple, or orange. The base is give a ¾ edge wrap with 2.4mm X 2.0mm edges. The topsheet is your choice of either Oak, Hickory Pecan, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Knotty Pine or Bamboo wood veneer with or without custom hand drawn graphics. Feel free to message us if you have another idea for a wood veneer.  

The Wunderwaffe

  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for your skis to be built and shipped depending on order volume.